General Civil Chancery Set
Alpha Court Chambers is a progressive set of barristers' chambers based in Warwickshire in the East Midlands.
Members practice throughout England and Wales.
Map of Alpha Court Chambers

Alpha Court Chambers is unusual in that there is no clerk; telephone messages can be taken on the above number at any time, which are then passed on to the barrister concerned.  You deal directly with the barrister, no more going third parties when booking or negotiating fees. 

Payment Terms 

Chambers has adopted as its standard agreement the terms agreed between the Commercial Bar Association (Combar) and the City of London Law Society (Version 2) which is available at:

Payment Basis A, save that members reserve the right to require payment in advance in any individual case. 

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle, near Alpha Court Chambers
Chambers would like to give a big thank you to Warwick Castle for their kind permission to use the castle for our photographs.

Chambers would also like to thank Dan Evans Photography for his outstanding photography for this site.

Change of Address Jan 2015

Please note chambers moved from the Stuart House, Leamington address in Jan 2015.  

Please note our new Bidford-On-Avon address.

12 Paddock Close, 
B50 4PJ